Saying Goodbye

June 1, 2018

This is a very difficult message to write. Many of you have known about my life’s journey since I came to Atlanta ten years ago. Some of you have known me since I moved to Atlanta in 2008, as you were some of my first clients. Many of you have been coming to see me since 2009, when I was a Biblical Studies and Preaching Ministry student at Point University. You were around when I graduated in May of 2012. More of you got to know me when I was a student at Emory University Candler School of Theology from August of 2012 to May of 2015.

It was during our time together in my studio that we shared stories of our lives. I shared stories of the ups and downs of being in seminary. You shared in my joy of earning my Master of Divinity (M.Div.). Since May of 2015, more of you have come to know me on the final leg of my journey into ordained ministry in the United Church of Christ. In fact, some of you were in attendance a month ago on April 29 when that journey came to an end. On that day you witnessed my joy, my tears, and my laughter as I was fully ordained into ministry. You are also aware that I have accepted the position of Pastor of the United Church of Cookeville in Tennessee, which means I’m moving.

During all of this, my relationship with you started out as simply your barber, massage therapist, or personal body groomer. Over the years, however, we have grown into more than just a professional relationship to that of friends. I have known that this part of my life’s journey would have to come to end as I pursued my path into ministry.

So, my friends, this is the message I have cried over and breaks my heart to send, because as of July 11, 2018 I will no longer be living in Atlanta. THANK YOU for 10 great years in Georgia, for being on this crazy ride with me both personally and professionally, but more so for your friendship.

Rev. James Bowman Harris, M.Div.
[email protected]